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  • What does UXR mean?
    UXR is an acronym that stands for 'user experience research'.
  • What does a user experience researcher do?
    At the heart of innovation is a question. "How might we...?" or "What if...?" The people who explore these questions—and stumble inevitably into the answers—are user experience (UX) researchers. UX researchers help companies prioritize their users or customers (over features or business requirements). They design and conduct studies to answer questions like: Who are our users? What motivates them? What do their lives, homes, careers, and dreams look like? What do our users need? What are their unmet needs? How useful and usable are our products or services? What should we change or improve? What should the future of our product be?
  • Can you tell me more about UXR Essentials?
    Of course! UXR Essentials is a month-long, experiential, interactive program. In it, you will learn the methodologies, tools, and mindsets required to get started in the field of user experience research. Some highlights include: The psychology of user experience research Field studies, user interviews, usability studies Design thinking techniques An opportunity to design a study, conduct research, analyze data, and deliver recommendations UXR Essentials is fully remote, virtual course.
  • How many hours per week should I set aside of UXR Essentials?
    For all four weeks, plan to spend 10-20 hours per week. Team. We will spend six hours per week in workshops, discussions, and classes. Currently, the team Zoom calls are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evenings (7pm EST/ 4pm PST) and Saturday afternoons (2pm EST/ 11am PST). Individual. You should plan set aside another 5-10 hours each week for individual work. Coaching. In addition to team calls and individual work, you will meet one-to-one with a coach for 20-minutes per week. These coaching sessions will be laser-focused and oriented toward tailoring the program to your unique goals.
  • Who do I speak to if I want to learn more?
    We'd love to hear from you. Please send an email to
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